Stamping metal is not a hard task as long as you have the right tools and are following the proper protocol when doing so.

All you need for metal stamping is:

–    Stamp Straight Tape

–    Polishing cloth which can be a clean rag or a paper towel

–    Stamp Enamel

–    Metal Blanks, which you’ll use for stamping

–    A Steel Bench Block

–    A hammer, preferably a 1 or 2 lb. Brass hammer for the best results

–    Last but not least, Design or Metal Letter Stamps

  1. First, you will put the metal blank charm or disc on the steel bench block. As a guide to aid you in even and straight stamping, the top ridge of the tape will be used. Using a pen you will mark where every letter will be stamped on the Stamp Straight Tape to ensure the impressions you stamp will be spaced evenly.
  2. Put the stamp on the disc and drag it lightly towards the tape until you will feel the top edge and the bottom of the Stamp Straight Tape. While dragging the stamp be careful not to scratch the stamping blank.
  3. Hold the metal stamp such that the head of the stamp is flat with the metal disc. With medium pressure, you will proceed to strike the top of the stamp using the hammer. So long as the stamp hasn’t been moved, you can strike it again if you feel like you hit the stamp too lightly the first time. For metal stamps that are larger and more detailed, you will need to strike them harder as compared to less detailed metal stamps.
  4. You will repeat the second and the third step until you have made all your stamped impressions then remove the Stamp Straight Tape guide once you’re done stamping.
  5. If you want to make your impressions more distinctive or stand out, you can color in the stamped impressions using the Stamp Enamel. Wipe off any excess ink immediately from the disk using a clean rag or a polishing cloth. The enamel works to fill the impression so as to make it distinctive from the polished jewelry.

Extra Tips

–    If you have stamps that are black as opposed to light gray, you can put a small drop of white paint on each stamp near the top and after the paint has dried, write the letter on every stamp’s white painted spot using a black marker.

–    If you hit each stamp more than once there is a high likelihood you’ll get double or blurred images.

–    If only part of your stamp is making an imprint in the metal, put the stamp on the metal where the letter will go, then rock the stamp towards you slightly then hammer it, rock the stamp away from you slightly then hammer it again.